Friends of Priorslegh

The "Friends of Priorslegh" is a group of patients working voluntarily on behalf of all patients registered at Priorslegh to help improve the facilities of the Practice.

Aims & Objectives

The objectives of "The Friends of Priorslegh" are to:

  • Contribute to the improvement in health of all patients
  • Extend the range of locally based services
  • Improve facilities to provide a first class service
  • The funds we have donated have been used primarily to purchase equipment to enable us to meet our objectives.

The Friends of Priorslegh was inaugurated in April 1991 and charitable status was obtained the following year.

The equipment purchased has been beneficial in reducing waiting times for treatment and the need for some hospital visits. Several items have already proved invaluable in life threatening circumstances. In making these purchases we are deeply indebted to the continuing support of patients and residents of the local community.

How we have spent the money

The items listed below indicate some of the recent purchases we have made:

  • Portable Electrocardiograph £2,600 Records voltage generated by heartbeats
  • Vitalograph Spirometer £2,650 A devise that tests how the lung is working. Used in conditions such as Asthma
  • Physiotherapy Equipment £1,000
  • Dermascope £850 For diagnosing skin disorders
  • Nebulisers £900 For the treatment of acute Asthma
  • Disposable Surgical Instruments £4,340 To comply with EU requirements
  • Cryo Flask £552 Specialised container for liquid oxygen
  • Biopsy Punches & Ring Curettes £585
  • Instrument Steriliser £4,530

We are delighted to be able to secure this growing list of equipment on your behalf. The Doctors and Nurses of the Practice wish to express their gratitude for these important items now in regular use at the Surgery.

Looking Ahead

With your assistance our efforts will hopefully help to ease the anxieties of those in need of medical care and treatment. We shall continue to raise funds for more equipment to assist the work of our Doctors at Priorslegh. We ask everyone who is interested in furthering our work to help by giving a donation, or making a bequest.

When we arrange events, such as coffee mornings, we are grateful for offers of homemade cakes, pastries, biscuits, jams or marmalades. If you are willing to help in this or any other way, please contact a member of the committee.

Finally we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who has contributed by providing help and support to our cause.

Future planned activities

Occasional coffee mornings Quizzes Various other fund raising activities are being considered and will be publicised later.

Patient Participation

If anyone has any ideas for future fund-raising schemes, or is willing to help in any way, please contact a committee member, and become involved in your local Health Service.


If you wish to make a donation :

You may hand it in to the Surgery.

Telephone Triage

Telephone Triage - How does it work and what is it for?

Priorslegh Medical Centre has operated a telephone triage service for some time, for those not familiar with a triage system here is how it works:

  • If you have an emergency and need to speak to a clinician urgently please phone the surgery in the morning or after 130pm for an afternoon call back
  • Triage is for emergency queries only, that does not include medication request or sick note requests
  • You have to be available to come down to the surgery within 2-3 hours if needed. If you are going to work then it is not an emergency for telephone triage.
  • Your call will be triaged along with nearly 100 other calls in a morning and the same number of calls in the afternoon; this means we cannot give you a time you will be called back.
  • Triage does not always mean you have to come to the surgery, if a clinician feels they are happy discussing your condition with you over the phone they can do a prescription for you if needed and it can be ready to collect the same morning.