Telephone Triage

If you request to be seen urgently or want medical advice on the day then please phone the reception on 01625 872299 and you will be placed on the list to be phoned back.

You will then be phoned back by either Sr Rachel Dougon or the doctor who is on call that day.

The receptionist will ask for a brief description of the problem.  Although you do not need to tell us the problem if it makes you feel uncomfortable, knowing the problem you have can help us manage your case much easier. 

Please try to stay by the phone when you have been put on triage so that we can speak with the minimum of fuss.

If you are at home and have access to a landline we would prefer it if you could use that number. 

We will try to phone you back as soon as possible, although please bear with us if there is a delay when we are very busy. 

When you are spoken to on triage and we can safely deal with your problem over the phone this will be done but if you need an appointment then we will work to provide you with one at a convenient time.

We operate a never full system for emergencies and if you need to be seen on the day, you will be seen on the day.  That is our promise to our patients.