How to get an Appointment at Priorslegh

Every system is a compromised but since we have brought in the current way of working we have found that it has worked well.

It is very important that you know how we work so that you can choose the best option that suits your needs.


There are a number of routine appointments that can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance. We also offer some appointments bookable 48 hours in advance and there are some on the day appointments available.


When you see the GP he/she may want to review you in 4 weeks time. The practice offers some Pre Bookable appointments 4 weeks in advance, so when you have had your consultation you can book your appointment before you leave giving you continuity of care.


This service was introduced at the surgery a number of years ago and has become a fundamental part in the day to day working of the practice. If you have an urgent problem, need advice or require a Home Visit you will be placed on the Telephone Triage list. You will then be phoned back by either one of the doctors or Sister Rachel Dougan, one of our Senior Nurses specialising in Telephone Triage. After a discussion with you a decision will then be made regarding the most appropriate pathway for you. Some problems can be dealt with by a Telephone Consultation, but if you need to be seen you will be given an appointment. Triaging urgent problems over the phone is now widespread in the NHS because it offers patients contact with a Healthcare Professional who can asses your needs quickly and efficiently.

If you need to be seen on the day you will be seen.  This is our promise to you.  We operate a never full service for urgent problems. 

Please remember however if you do need to be seen on the day please work with us to allow you to be seen.  Letting us know as early as possible that you need an appointment is extremely helpful.  We know it isn't always possible but please try to avoid waiting till after work, for example, to try to get an appointment if you have known all day you will need to be seen. 


Telephone appointments are bookable in advance and are there if you need routine care but don't need to be seen face to face. An example of when you might use this service is when you have had a blood test or an x-ray and want to discuss the results with your GP. The appointments are normally in an afternoon before the start of evening surgery. The time you are given when booking these appointments are approximate, we try to keep to time but this is not always possible. The advantage of these appointments is you can have your consultation over the telephone without leaving home.


Home visits are essentially for patients who are “HOUSEBOUND” and genuinely cannot come to surgery. As a practice we do more than the average number of Home visits nationally. We do feel very strongly that only patients who meet this criteria should be seen at home. This is a very labour intensive way of seeing our patients therefore we do ask if at all possible to come to the surgery as you will be seen quicker. Before requesting a Home Visit we would be grateful if you would consider the following:

• Are you really housebound? - (We have had patients requesting a Home Visit on their return from the Hairdressers- this is not a service of convenience!)

• Visits must be requested by midday otherwise we cannot guarantee a visit the same day. We understand this is not always possible but if you are feeling unwell in the morning a call to the practice for advice may be sufficient.

We hope this explains the different ways of accessing healthcare through Priorslegh. There are times when we experience exceptional demands and appointments become scarce. If you are struggling to get an appointment then please ask to speak to Heather, the reception manager, who will try her best to meet your needs.

Telephone Triage

Telephone Triage - How does it work and what is it for?

Priorslegh Medical Centre has operated a telephone triage service for some time, for those not familiar with a triage system here is how it works:

  • If you have an emergency and need to speak to a clinician urgently please phone the surgery in the morning or after 130pm for an afternoon call back
  • Triage is for emergency queries only, that does not include medication request or sick note requests
  • You have to be available to come down to the surgery within 2-3 hours if needed. If you are going to work then it is not an emergency for telephone triage.
  • Your call will be triaged along with nearly 100 other calls in a morning and the same number of calls in the afternoon; this means we cannot give you a time you will be called back.
  • Triage does not always mean you have to come to the surgery, if a clinician feels they are happy discussing your condition with you over the phone they can do a prescription for you if needed and it can be ready to collect the same morning.